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Anonymous said: why did you stop writing?

Sometimes my mind sucks

Sometimes I procrastinate

But mostly Reddit.

the foxman cometh

eyes of a falcon

the strength of seven oxen

cunning like a fox

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[This is Why I Shop Online]

Optimus prime mask?

Ugh yea, it’s for my nephew.

I lie to cashiers

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[She’s Probably A Part of the Empire Anyways.]

I got a tattoo!

All the babes will love me now!

…girls don’t like Star Wars!?

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Oh, internet girl

You broke down my firewall

And stole my Heart Drive.

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[Rogues are Great from Behind After All.]

Yeah, let’s go Baby

Let’s try fantasy a bit

Level 2 Rogue Elf

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[Cheat Codes, Too.]

Sex just needs to be

bit more like Video Games

Extra lives, restart.

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[In a Galaxy Far, Far away…]

I can be your Han

and you can by my Leia

Flying forever.

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[I Don’t Do Well in Bars.]

When I do get drunk

I don’t hit on many girls

I buy web domains

[It’s Not Like I Have Girls Over.]

Yes! It’s the weekend.

Friday, Satuday, Sunday

No pants, no worries.